Whitewater rafting in Minakami

Whitewater rafting in Minakami

Whitewater rafting in Minakami

Minakami is located in the north of Gunma prefecture, just 90 minutes from the Tokyo metropolitan area. Traditionally famous for its amazing nature and hot springs the town is now known as Japan’s premier four season outdoor adventure destination, with a huge variety of world class activities on offer.

Spring (April-June) is the best season for one of the town’s most popular adventures, whitewater rafting. The spring snow melt from the famous Tanigawa Range swells the Tone River, providing over 20kms of grade 3-4 whitewater bliss.

This amazing river journey descends through 3 historic canyon sections, so not only do you get the adventure but learn about the significance of the Bando Taro (Tone River) and the township of
Minakami. After your adventure you can relax in one of the 18 different hot springs the town has on offer, the most famous being Takaragawa Onsen, Japan’s biggest outdoor hot spring. Get off the beaten track and explore Japan in a truly unique way; a rafting adventure!

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