Japan – Setouchi region

Japan – Setouchi region

Japan – Setouchi region

Written by Vinh Pham @fluffpiece

Having visited Japan for the first time in May 2016 spending my days there exploring Tokyo without any plans, I was incredibly blessed to be invited by JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organisation) to come back and experience Japan in another light for December 2016.

That’s my style of travelling, off the beaten track and into the discoveries of what’s not always found on top of search articles and ‘must-go’ places which in turns lets you truly discover what a country has to offer and possibly discovering yourself too.

The Setouchi region is known for its moderate climate, with a stable year-round temperature and relatively low rainfall levels. The sea is also famous for its periodic red tides (?? akashio) caused by dense aggregations of certain phytoplankton that result in the deaths of large numbers of fish.

Here are just some of the beautiful places you’re able to discover in this region:


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