Tokyo Nightlife

Tokyo Nightlife

Tokyo Nightlife

Tokyo-by-night is a sprawling neon jungle that has inspired sci-fi filmmakers for generations. Almost every corner of the city comes to life at night, offering a variety of after-dark activities for everyone from bar-hoppers and nightclubbers to fine-diners.

The best way to drink in all of Tokyo is at one of its many rooftop bars and restaurants, with views like nowhere else in the world. Sit and enjoy the world-class cuisine as you gaze upon iconic landmarks like Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Skytree, and more. Or, grab some friends and sip sake, umeshu (Japanese plum wine), or whiskey as you watch all of Tokyo glitter at your feet.

Once you’ve seen Tokyo sparkle from a great height, hit the street and take in the famous neon billboards of Shibuya crossing. From there, weave your way through the blinking lights of the 250+ bars of the Golden Gai, impossibly crammed into six tiny alleys. Many bars in the Golden Gai cannot accommodate more than five patrons at once, so you’ll be sure to make a new friend!

Now you’re ready to dance, so head to youthful Shibuya where your dancefloor options range from Tokyo’s famed megaclubs to intimate bars.

Remember, Tokyo stays luminous long after sundown – so save some energy to explore it after
dark! Bear in mind train services in most cities end before midnight, so if you’re stuck, you can always visit a 24-hour McDonalds or stay over at a manga café, or sing your way to morning at a karaoke box!

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