Best Family Hotels

Best Family Hotels

Best Family Hotels

There are many Japanese hotels that cater to families, but many hotels are also famous for their economic use of space. When travelling with your family, having just enough room is important, as is finding a hotel in the ideal part of town. That way, you can set off each day and make the most of your holiday. Finding the right hotel to fit your family and budget isn’t hard, though, with so many options across Japan.

For those enjoying Japan’s many theme parks, family-friendly hotels can often be found onsite or nearby: Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea have three hotels in the resort, and Universal Studios Japan, Osaka has five. Other nearby hotels also cater to the needs of families.

Many of the four and five star hotels in the major cities are more than happy to accommodate travelling families. The Four Seasons Hotel at Marunouchi is well known for their friendly attitude to kids, with age-appropriate welcome gifts and child-sized slippers, plus the hotel is walking distance to the Imperial Palace.

Other hotels located across Japan also cater for families, including Mitsui Garden Hotel Shiodome, Asakusa View Hotel, and the Khaosan World Asakusa Hostel – all in good areas and very close to the essential subway. Whichever hotel you choose, we suggest proximity to a railway station be a factor in your decision as the subway becomes an integral part of every family holiday in Japan. Some hotels also often themed rooms which are great for children, such as the Hello Kitty room at Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo.

For families seeking a more traditional experience, many Japanese style ryokans are a fantastic option, with a 1,300-year history of providing exquisite Japanese hospitality, the peaceful ryokans add some authenticity to your holiday with their tatami mats, traditional futon mattress bedding, and classic sliding doors. Ryokan can be found all over Japan, but the most idyllic are in rural and regional Japan.

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